Seminyak, Bali

The Little Traveller stayed for a week in June 2013. Yes, this post is a little overdue.

So, after leaving this blog for a little while and focussing on my health, I have now taken a new direction in life. I’ve consciously decided to fill my life with positivity and to celebrate life in all aspects. I’m now a teacher and am finding it thoroughly rewarding. I seem to have found my purpose for getting up out of bed in the morning and reaching for the coffee. It is the first day of school holidays and Lucas, in his infinite wisdom, suggested I update my blog with my travels from the past two years. Here’s the first one.

We went to Bali for a week last year and stayed in the beautiful and exclusive area of Seminyak. We had been recommended to go by a friend who works at a travel agency and I was hesitant to go at first. “Try it, you will soon see why so many Aussies go there every year,” he said. “But, have you seen the TV show ‘what happens in Bali?” I asked hesitantly, “the show is filmed in Kuta, thats the busy scary part where everyone goes to party. If you stay away from that area I guarantee you will love every minute of it,” he replied. I really couldn’t argue with him. So we booked it. Two weeks later we were on a flight to Denpasar International Airport.

As soon as we got there we were amazed. It truly was a breathtaking place. Infinity pools every where you go that face the beaches, beautiful food and service and amazing activities to do. We did a bikeride through Ubud that I nevedr thought I’d be able to do. I’m still proud of it even though Lucas keeps saying it was all down hill. We rode through rice paddie fields and temples. It was beautiful scenery all day long.

We would often frequent the following places for food because, hey, whats not to love about food?

Metis –     A restaurant owned by a prince. Yes, that’s right, an actual prince. It is a gallery up the front and then as you walk through it, you find an open outdoor restaurant overlooking a rice paddie field. The tables are shaded by vines and other plants and the food is beautiful.

W – If you are up for an high class dinner with some expensive drinks to go with it then look no further then W. It is pure opulence and it deserves every Michelin star in the world. I’d recommend ordering an espresso martini or an apple martini. You will not be disappointed. We only went here for drinks and ended up easily spending $300 AUD so be careful.

Potato Head – Get there as soon as they open at 11am and secure a pool bed. Then you can drink, eat and sit by the pool looking glamorous all day long. Make sure to check this place out. It’s always popular and you’ll be hard-pressed to secure a table at one of the three eating areas in this massive atmosphere of party and relaxation. My personal favourite was the Iced Tea, where the bar man infuses the orange with vodka and serves the tea with liquid nitrogen so it looks like it is steaming but it is surprisingly refreshing.

Mozaic Beach Club – We came here a couple of times to experience their 5 course degustation menu. For only $20AUD per head! Their chocolate mousse dessert served in cute little jars was to die for!

There are plenty of beautiful cafes around Seminyak. However, my favourite was the delightful and playful Sea Circus cafe. Make sure you go for breakfast and sit watching the sun rising through the coloured windows.

In June this year, Lucas and I are taking both of our families and sharing a 5 bedroom private villa with a pool. I’m so excited to show them all of these awesome places and to discover many more. If you have a place you’d like to recommend for us please let me know.

The Little Traveller


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