The Little Traveller enjoyed a mojito and a massage by the beach staying at Merlin Beach Resort in Phuket

Recently, I was lucky enough to get away for a week with my family to Phuket. As most aussies do, I enjoyed a drink (or two), stayed by the pool all day and then caught in the sights at night. A word of caution though, while Phuket can be a great place to relax and get away from it all, you do need to be careful.

Don’t get swept away

Be aware that its still a third world country. So make sure you have travel insurance! Just as with any other country, there’s always a risk of catching a disease, getting your belongings stolen or any other unthinkable act. I was unfortunate enough to catch a bug and I’m still recovering from it. If anything, just be careful and always think twice 🙂

Now you see it, now you don’t

Honestly, one of the most mind-blowing things about Thailand are the lady boys. I caught the show at Simon’s Cabaret and it was amazing. Even though they are boys dressed up as women, you could never tell. The costumes, dancing and music is elaborate and it is just amazing to see how much money and energy is involved to put on this one-hour show.

Shaken, not stirred…

Every hotel in Phuket has a swim-up bar in their hotel pool. Make sure to make good use of it. As everyone knows, we all like a good happy hour. Mix with the other guests and have a joke with the bar staff, if you do this they won’t water down your drinks as much.

Ride that pony

Lastly, what is a trip to Thailand without riding an elephant? They are amazing creatures and for $30AUD you can spend half an hour taking in the views of the island from the top of an elephant. They are located all around the island and can be found during the hottest hours of the day. What isn’t there to love about an elephant?






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