Mt Buller

The Little Traveller stayed in the Preston Ski Lodge on the top of Mt Buller, Victoria located approximately 4 hours out of Melbourne.

This would have to be one of the proudest moments of my life. Drum roll please……

I learnt to ski! 🙂

Learning something completely new and getting completely out of my comfort zone was a great challenge and I’m so glad I did it. While there were a few tantrums and moments where I was about to give up all together and call it a day, I decided to push through and get back up again.

As this was my first time going on a ski trip we decided to make it a short weekend trip. A trial weekend, if you will, and I passed with flying colours. We got up on the mountain late on Friday night and crashed into our beds ready for the big day on Saturday.

Don’t teach yourself

The biggest recommendation I can make is get a beginners lesson. Don’t think you can just teach yourself. It’s more of a safety thing. Skiing is dangerous and I actually saw a few injuries and crashes that could have been avoided if those involved knew how to slow down and stop. It’s also great to build your confidence.

The hills are alive 

Seeing the views of the mountain from the chairlifts was amazing. We had great weather on Saturday. I’m surprised I didn’t see Julie Andrews running up the mountain singing at the top of her lungs with her arms outstretched.


The view from the top


These boots are made for walking

After a long day with your ski boots on and feeling every muscle in your body radiating a new sense of exhaustion there is nothing better then finishing your day with a nice hot bath and sitting there relaxing.

Its all about the lifestyle

With the weather being pretty average on Sunday we went and had coffee at the very luxurious Snowpony cafe. Located right off the Bourke Street run you can ski right up to its front door, enjoy the fire and take in the awesome cow hides that decorate the walls.

We then went home, ready to go back to work on Monday. I can’t wait to see what our next ski trip will be like.

Image*PS Thanks Jen for the photos


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